CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India
Fouze Farrhan
Fouze Farrhan Al Kamil (President & Chief Executive Officer)
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali (Senior Vice President)
Hamid Syed
Hamid Syed (Chief Financial Officer)
Abhay Kumar
Abhay Kumar (Chief Operating Officer)
Terri Danz
Terri Danz (BS in International Business, Augsburg University, Minnesota, USA)
President North America Region /Board of Director - Crest Container Lines Inc
Terri has 27 years of experience in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, & is responsible for driving North American Sales as well as Compliance.
During her free time, she likes flying her Cessna over PNW region.
Bhagwant Singh
Bhagwant Singh (Graduation from IIBM, India)
Director – Sales
Bhagwant brings with him a hard-core customer centric approach to drive sales process. He also has fair experience in areas of domestic transport, CFS operations & customs procedures, which helps in getting tailor made solutions for our customers.
In his free time, he likes to participate in community service at the local Gurudwara (Sikh Temple)
Faran Syed
Faran Syed (B.E. - Electronics & Telecom – Univ. of Mumbai, IATA-CIC, CIFFA Certificate in Int'l Freight Forwarding {Hons})
Director - Compliance
Faran has been handling IT implementation, Local & International Compliances in Freight Forwarding for the company for the last 10 years, and is currently supervising operations of the Mumbai office.
In his free time, he likes to catch up on some reading & likes travelling and going on long drives, and is also an avid follower of Formula One Racing.
Sangeeta Sharma
Sangeeta Sharma (M. Com, Dip in HRM)
Director – Carrier Relations
Sangeeta heads our Global Ocean Carrier relations and Contracts Management. She brings with her, a long experience in NVOCC operations, Customer Service and Financial Management.
She is an extremely good mentor for our team of dedicated staff members. Outside of work, Sangeeta enjoys spending time with her son.
Akheel Fouze
Akheel Fouze (BA [Hons] - Newcastle Business School - UK, MSc in SCM - Univ. of Warwick - UK, GLS - California State Univ.), CMILT - UK
Director - R & D
Akheel is responsible for company's research & development as well as identifying new growth areas. He is a Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation, UK & also a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), USA.
During his free time, he likes to ride on the deep face of a moving wave with his surfboard.