CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India

Our service goes far beyond pure textiles, apparel transport in Flat packs, or FCL/FCL or Port to Port or Door to door. We provide many competitive advantages & value added services to our Fashion, Garment buying importers in North America, Latin America & Europe such as

  • P. O. Management & DSR (Daily Status Report)
  • Garments on Hanger (GOH)
  • Vendor Assembling
  • Buyer Consolidation
  • Vendor Management & Compliance
  • Multi-Country Consolidations (MCC)
  • Express Air Freight (including Red Carpet & Premium Shop Concept)
  • Sea-Air or Air-Sea option via Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai Free Trade Zone
  • Warehousing, Value additions & Distribution
  • BAR coding, Quality Platform with 24-hour CCTV
  • Lock & Key Security with QC Services
  • Sophisticated Return Goods’ Solutions

Our Expert Fashion Logistics team is headed by an Industry veteran who has provided tailor made solutions for over two decades including designing specialized "Hangertainers", as early as in 1990s, for the British carrier P & O. We guarantee industry's shortest transit times & offer multiple carrier frequency (with at least 3-5 sailings a week)

Fashion Logistics

We are proud to mention that we have proved our skills of handling home decor & furniture business to the fraternity. We have been doing Home Decor Logistics with very close coordination with the vendors to have the cargo arrive at the destination just in time.

We have been quite familiar with the specific requirements of this industry and have been able to surpass the expectations of our valuable customers. Our buyers’ consolidation & vendor assembling program is considered as "one of a kind" which is supported by daily status reports to our customers thru "CresTracK" visibility tool. We have presence with fully fledged offices in Rajasthan, Delhi NCR region exclusively covering the village craft & home decor manufacturing market which indeed helps us perform to meet our customers’ needs & wants on & in time.

We also facilitate consignees, buyers to participate in local exhibitions & trade shows as well as train the suppliers on various compliances upon request.

Home Decor Logistics

Our company has a proud heritage in the field of Automotive Logistics Solutions business, covering the entire gamut from handling production parts at the supplier plant till delivery to door step. Our growing volume of automotive cargo is the evidence of our impeccable credentials in the field of Automotive parts which also includes a very large volume of tyre transportation to North America, Latino destinations & Europe.

Our Free Trade Zone warehouse (thru our SBU) not only add value as a bonded unit but also as a duty free facility. Suppliers & buyers can store their goods in our FTZ facility & release them to meet the local, regional or global market demands.

Automotive Logistics

We understand the specifics of bulk commodity and its logistics, it's storage & container transport operations. We provide you with container sourcing and delivery, allocation of heavy duty containers, vessel space allocations & management of per diem charges & detention. We do P. O. Management and ensure just in time arrival of the huge lots to minimise the storage costs.

We provide our customers an edge in being competitive by offering special end to end logistics costs for seed grains, rice, soya, dry fruits & nuts as well as many other agricultural commodities.

We also provide many value-added services which includes CO2/ other gas treatments, specialised / general fumigation, Insurance, Quality Inspection & Control etc.

Agri Logistics

Renewable Energy is the future, and we enjoy and take pride in working and being part of this movement. This is on the forefront of technology while the cost/ benefit rations are being understood and adopted for futuristic and environmental goals.

Recent developments on solar energy installations have been remarkable and considerable volumes of plant and equipment is moving from one continent to other. Since it is high tech, and high volume, it needs that level of coordination and resource mobilisation and we do it with ease.

Renewable Energy Logistics